Shot Tracker

Use Shot Tracker to measure your shot's distance while walking to your ball and save each tracked shot, including club and lie, to your Club Stats. Plus, easily share them on your feed!

See below how to use this feature on your smartphone:

What about your smartwatch?

After starting a round on your phone, head to your watch and simply tap the 'Club icon' at the bottom-left corner of your watch screen.

This option is available for rounds started with SCORING and GPS Only input modes.


Once you’ve tapped the ‘Shot Tracker’ icon, the tracking will automatically start from the location where you tapped the icon. As you start walking to your ball, you will see distances blinking. If you're stationary for some time, it will stop blinking to indicate that the distance travelled is accurate and ready to be saved.

The club will automatically change and update based on the distance travelled and the yardages that are set on your virtual bag. If you swipe vertically on the club that is displayed, you can set the club, and it will automatically stop updating based on distances. The club will update automatically the next time you track a shot and will only stop when you take the action of swiping vertically to set a specific club.


Tap 'SAVE and the distance and club that are displayed will be recorded. A confirmation screen will be shown, and it will be displayed for three seconds. During this time, you can either select 'Undo' or 'Select Lie'. When tapping on the second option, the club and distance travelled will be displayed. You can either use the crown of the watch to change the lie or swipe vertically. If you tap the 'X' on the top-left corner, the shot will still be saved with the distance and club but no lie associated. Tap 'SAVE LIE' when you're ready, and it's done!





This is not the Shot by Shot input mode. Shot by Shot is a scoring input mode designed to let you track all your shots in the golf round, shot by shot and club by club. It's mandatory to track all the shots selecting the Club used and Lie. With Shot Tracker, you can track just some of your shots considering their distance, those that are really worth keeping, but it won't allow you to keep track of your Putting (putting distance is generally not a relevant statistic). Also, with Shot Tracker, you can post the shot to your feed and share it with your friends!

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