View Scorecard

During the Round
To see the complete scorecard, tap the bottom bar and then the 'Scorecard' button.
Swipe left to see the back nine.
To exit the Scorecard view and return to the Flyover view, tap the 'X' in the top-right corner.


Note: If you are an iOS user, you can rotate the phone to landscape mode (horizontal) to see the complete scorecard. Back to portrait mode (vertical) to keep playing.


After the Round
In the 'Performance' tab, choose the round you wish to view. Scroll on the 'Round Summary' screen and tap the 'Scorecard' icon to open it. Swipe left to view the back nine.



  • Make sure you select the correct playing tee and that your handicap information is correct on the Round setup to get accurate scores.

  • The dots on the Score line indicate Handicap Strokes Received for each hole. The number of handicap strokes you receive on a hole is based on your Playing Handicap and the hole's Stroke Index.

  • You should use the Fairway icons during the round to see this information on the scorecard.

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