Request a New Course or a Course Update

Add a new course


You can find more than 47 000 golf paths in the Hole19 App. Can't find yours?

  • Go to the 'Play Golf' tab and tap the 'Search bar' on the top to enter the course name;
  • If the course is unavailable in the app, you will see the option 'Request Mapping';
  • Tap it, add all the information you have and tap 'Send'.


Request an update


Is your course information outdated? Do we need to update the aerial imagery or scorecard?

  • Go to the 'Performance' tab, and tap the course name to open the 'Round Summary';
  • Tap the '3-dots icon' and then 'Request Mapping';
  • Select the fields that need to be updated, provide us with some information and tap 'Send'. Our Mapping Team will take care of it within 48 hours!


Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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