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Location Services - Allow access

'Play Golf' will be the screen displayed right after downloading Hole19, creating your account, and Signing In. Therefore, the first thing you should make sure of is to give Hole19 permissions to use your location: tap 'Allow access' > 'Allow While Using App'.


During a short period, Apple will be keeping track of the usage and eventually will prompt you with the following option: 'Keep Only While Using' or 'Change to Always Allow'. Please select 'Change to Always Allow'.


Please note that 'Always' doesn't mean that Hole19 is always using your location, it means that Hole19 will use your location every time it is needed. After finishing and saving a round, Hole19 will no longer use your location.


Find and download golf courses

By opening the Hole19 app, it automatically suggests the nearest golf course for a quick start. To find out more about how you can find courses near you, click here.

When you tap on 'Search All Courses' there are two main tabs: Courses and Locations

searching 2.gif

You can simply tap Play Golf to open the Round Setup screen and tap Download Map. After downloading the map, your course will be saved on the 'Synced' tab. Select the button 'Start Round' to begin.


searching 3.gif

If you don't see the button 'Download Map' as illustrated above, that's because the course is already downloaded - you will be able to find it on 'Synced':

searching 4.gif

Map Icon

You can navigate through the map and spot all the courses available. It's a great way to also check the course ratings! Course ratings are submitted by the golf course community.

courses 4.gif

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 22.49.24.png

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