Plays Like Distance (iOS only)

Many golfers face the challenge of selecting the right club for each shot, leading to inaccurate shots and higher scores. With the current availability of horizontal distance measurements, golfers may still struggle due to factors like slope, ball position, and lie, collectively influencing the actual distance the ball will travel. This variation in distance is commonly referred to as the "plays like distance".

For instance, a hole may measure 120 meters/yards from the golfer's location, but if it's downhill, the shot may actually play closer to 100 meters/yards. And this Premium feature is here to help! 

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Preview round: 
"Plays like" can be used when previewing a course, this will help to better strategize your gameplay. 

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In Round & Settings: 

When starting a round, you have the option to turn the feature ON directly from the round screen or enable it in the settings. Additionally, this feature will adjust club recommendations accordingly, ensuring that you receive tailored advice based on the current course conditions.

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Apple Watch: 

It's also possible to activate this feature on Apple Watch by simply swiping right. This functionality extends to maps on wearables, ensuring accurate 'plays like' distance information at your fingertips throughout the round.

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  • This is a Premium feature and it's only available on iOS devices at the moment. It's coming for Android soon.
  • Once activated on the phone, it will automatically activate on the watch as well (and vice versa).
  • If the feature gets stuck on 'Loading Plays Like Data,' please restart the app.

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