Shot-by-Shot input mode

Set up your virtual bag

Before you start playing your game, you should tell us what's in your golf bag. This feature is responsible for the accuracy of the suggested club. See here how to do it. You don't have to do it every time you play! Just make sure it reflects your current distances and clubs.


Prepare your round

- Go to the 'Play Golf' tab and choose your course;
- Tap the 'Play Golf' blue button and select the number of holes you wish to play (if needed;
- Select the 'Shot-by-shot' input mode and set up your round by tapping 'Starting tee';
- Tap 'Start Round' or 'Download Map' (if it+'s first time you play that course) when you're ready to go!

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Start Playing

- Tap the 'Settings' cogwheel (on the right) and make sure to turn the GPS 'On';

- When standing on the tee, tap the 'Tee' button (in the bottom right) and select 'Set Tee Position' if you wish to use your current location or 'Use Default Tee'.


Track your Shots

- Drag the Target anywhere on the hole map to see distances and plan your shot;

- Hit your tee shot and reach the place where your ball landed;
- Once there, tap the 'Club' button (bottom left) to record your shot. The app will show a calculated guess on the club used and lie result, but you can edit your 'Shot Details' by scrolling on the respective columns. Tap '' to confirm.;

- Repeat the previous step on your next shots until you reach the Green;

- After you hole out, tap on the 'Putt' button (bottom left) and record the number of putts you took.

In tracking your shots, you have also recorded your score and stats for the hole.


Add Penalties

There are two common scenarios regarding penalties:  

1. You hit your ball out of play and have to drop it
- Hit your shot > tap the 'Club' icon > on 'Shot Details' scroll on the 'Lie' column until 'Penalty.'
The first shot location is shown in red. Considering the added penalty stroke, the second ball location is designated as '3' or the third location.


2. A ball is hit immediately out of bounds from the tee
- Hit your shot > tap the 'Club' icon > on 'Shot Details' scroll on the 'Lie' column until 'Penalty.'
That ball is lost, so you'll have to play the shot again from the tee taking a penalty. Considering the additional stroke, the second location you play from will be shown as your third location.


Reach out to us if you have any doubts.

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