SCORING input mode

After searching your golf course, tap 'Play Golf' and select the number of holes you wish to play. You will be forwarded to the 'Round Setup' screen.


Choose the 'SCORING' input mode on the 'Round Setup' screen. This mode will allow you to record key stats, including strokes, putts and driving accuracy hole-by-hole.

Set up your round by choosing the 'Starting Tee', filling in the Handicap information, and selecting the 'Scoring mode'.
You can also decide whether to use the round to calculate your handicap or create a Live Leaderboard.
Tap 'Start Round', when you're ready!

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At the end of each hole, swipe left or tap the 'Right Arrow' (>) at the bottom bar to add your strokes and stats:
- On 'Total Strokes,' add the total number of strokes it took you to hole out. Then, below, add how many were 'Putts', 'Sand Shots', or 'Penalties'.

- Use the Fairway icons to get stats on your Driving Accuracy.

Tap the bottom bar and then the 'Finish Round' button to finish your round and check your round stats and details.

On the 'Round Summary' screen, you can check the round information and 'Save' the round. Once you save the round, a message will pop up to help you share the round on your 'Feed' (it's not mandatory!).

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- The Pick Up option is available when you start your round in Stableford. You can use it when you no longer want to play that hole. This can be caused by too many strokes or too much time wasted on that hole.

- The Pick Up option can also be used when playing 'Match Play', and a partner completes the hole with a better score.

- If you have any questions, reach us at

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