Flyover View, Distances Tray and Zoom into the Green

Flyover View provides a bird's-eye perspective of the hole, allowing you to see distances to the green, obstacles, or any point on the hole map using the 'Target' icon (a circle).

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  • When you start a round or change holes, the 'Target' icon is automatically placed on the front of the green or on the dogleg, if there is one.
  • Drag the 'Target' icon (circle) around the map to see distances from your position to the target and from the target to the center of the green.
  • Tap/drag down the 'Distances tray' for quick access to the Front, Center and Back of Green distances.
  • These same steps apply when you're using Plays Like distances.
  • To get a closer view of the green, tap the 'Flag' button in the top-right corner to zoom in (it will turn blue). Tap it again to zoom out.


- On the Flyover screen, right under the 'Flag' button, you can discover more features. You have Notes, AR, Arcs, and the Scorecard view.

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