I can't sign back in, the app is not accepting my email. What should I do?

If you’re finding yourself locked out of the app, first you need to make sure which service did you use when creating your account in the Hole19 app. Did you:

  1. Sign Up by writing in your Email and Password;
  2. Sign Up by tapping the ‘Facebook’ button;
  3. Sign Up by tapping the ‘Google’ button;
  4. Sign Up by tapping the ‘Apple’ button?


1. Sign Up with Email and Password

If your account was originally created by writing in an Email and a Password, try searching your inbox for an email with the subject “Welcome to Hole19! 🏌️” and check the recipient of that email (that is the email linked to your account).

If you need to recover your password click here.


2/3. Sign Up with Facebook/Google

If you used one of these third-party platforms to create an account on Hole19, then you’ll just need to tap the respective button to sign back into your account:

  1. Open the Hole19 app;
  2. Tap “Already a member? Sign in”;
  3. Tap the button which says “Sign in with [choose the correct platform]”.


4. Sign Up with Apple 

If you subscribed using Apple there might be an email address ending in privaterelay.appleid.com. This email was automatically generated for you by Apple and remains linked to your Apple ID. On your iPhone or IPad: 

  1. Open the Settings app, then tap your name to view your Apple ID settings.
  2. Tap Password & Security. 
  3. Tap Apps Using Your Apple ID. 
  4. Tap Hole19. 
  5. The Apple Relay Email will be displayed under This App Received:.



If you already have a Hole19 account, you need to tap the button 'Already a member? Sign in' to sign back in. By tapping the 'Sign up' button you'll be prompted to create a new account from scratch, which means that you won't be able to access your saved rounds and statistics.


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