Activate Health Information

Hole19 will fetch some data from your Health app to show you the following in the Health Information section of the Round Summary

  • Number of steps
  • Distance walked
  • Calories burned


How can I share health data with Hole19?


Open the Hole19 app > select a course > tap 'Play Golf'. On the Round Setup screen scroll until you see the 'Track Health Data' toggle to 'Allow' Hole19 to track this information.

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Open the Hole19 App > tap the 'Performance' tab > choose the round for which you want to track health information (you only have to do this once; after authorizing, it will always track your health data). In the 'Round Summary', scroll down and tap the 'Authorize' button. Turn on the health categories that you want the app to track:

  • Allow Hole19 to write data: 'Active energy' and 'Workouts'.
  • Allow Hole19 to read data: 'Active energy', 'Steps', and 'Walking + Running energy'.

Tap 'Allow', and you will then see Health Information on the 'Round Summary'.

If you want to see Calories Burned in the Hole19 app, you should insert your Weight in the Health app.

iPhone 13 (6).gif

If by any chance your iPhone is not showing this option please head to your iPhone Settings > Health > Data Access & Devices > Hole19 > Turn On All. 

If you've given all permissions and the Hole19 app still doesn’t track steps or other information, please head to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and make sure that Fitness Tracking is turned on.​’

Please take a look at the following article and see if everything is according to Apple's recommendations:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 22.49.24.png

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