Why my best round is not being shown on the leaderboard?

This issue is likely arising from filters designed to prevent fraudulent rounds. To safeguard both our platform and users from potential cheating, it's crucial to maintain the reliability of the leaderboard. One of these filters restricts rounds that deviate by more than 15 strokes below the playing handicap. It is imperative to ensure the accurate input of your playing handicap to address this matter effectively.

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Your course is a Par 54, and your correct playing handicap is 21.
You played two rounds: On the first, you scored 69 using your correct handicap (21). On the second, you scored 63, using a wrong playing handicap (28).
Your second round is the best round you played, but the Leaderboard is only showing the first. Why?

Let's do the math:

  • First round: Par 54 + 21 (playing handicap) - 15 (strokes) = 60
    This is less than your score of 69, indicating everything is in order per our algorithm.
  • Second round: Par 54 + 28 (playing handicap) - 15 (strokes) = 67
    This exceeds your score of 63, explaining why the second round is not displayed on the leaderboard.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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