Highlights - What they are and where you can find them?

Highlights are a fun and visual representation of your golf achievements. To view yours, open the Hole19 App, go to the 'Me' tab ('Profile' on Android) and tap 'Highlights'.

Here, you'll find coloured cards, each highlighting a different accomplishment. Keep playing to unlock more achievements and transform grey cards into colourful ones, filling your collection!


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Drive: Your longest drive, along with the course and date it occurred.

Best Hole: Your best score ever achieved on a single hole, based on the lowest Stroke Index of that hole, along with the course and date.

Most Played: The course where you've completed the most rounds.

GIR: Best 'Green in Regulation' percentage of any round ever played.

Streak: Your best streak of consecutive holes played under Par. For a single round, it considers the three holes with the best score relative to par. In the case of ties, the most recent round is chosen.

Up & Down: Best percentage of successfully completing a hole with two strokes after being around the green in three strokes.

Scrambling: Best percentage of making par or better after missing the GIR during any round.

Fairway Hit: Your best percentage of hitting the fairway off the tee during any round.

Distance: The longest distance you've walked in a single round.

Shortest: The shortest time taken to complete 18 holes.

Best Gross: Your best gross score achieved in an 18-hole round.

Best Net: Your best score for 18 holes, adjusted for your playing handicap.

Lowest Putt: The lowest sum of putts made in an 18-hole round.

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