What are the highlights and where can I find this area?

Open the 'Me' tab and the 'Highlights' will appear followed by colored icons, simply press "View All" to check the summary of your achievements. 


Drive: This will show you your longest drive.
Best Hole: This is the best score you ever had on a hole, based on the lowest Stroke Index of said hole.

Most Played: Course with most ended rounds.

Lowest Putt: Lowest sum of putts of an 18-hole round.

Streak: Best hole streak. The three holes with the best score regarding par. Inside the same round, the procedure is the same but considering the holes Stroke Index. If there are two rounds with the same score, the most recent will be chosen.

Best Net: Best 18 holes score minus playing handicap.

Fairway Hit: Best Fairway Hits percentage of any round ever played.

Best Gross Score: Best gross score of an 18-hole round.

GIR: Best 'Green in Regulation' percentage of any round ever played.

Distance: This will show you the longest distance you have walked in a round.

Shortest: This shows you the shortest time you took to complete 18 holes.

Scrambling: Best Scrambling percentage of any round ever played.

Up&Down: Best Up&Down percentage of any round ever played.

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