Start Round & Round Setup

Setup your round: 

1. To start, choose the course where you will be playing from - the 'Play Golf' tab will show you the courses closer to your location, but you can tap on 'Search all courses' and search by course name or location. Click here for further on how to find golf courses.

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2. After selecting your golf course, tap 'Play Golf'
3. Start by adding your playing information on 'Starting Tee'.



4. When the starting tee is selected, choose the input mode: 'SCORING' (for a simple input), 'GPS ONLY' (if you only want GPS distances), or 'SHOT-BY-SHOT' (if you want to keep track of your round shot-by-shot).

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5. Set your Handicap & Playing Handicap (if your exact handicap is correct, the playing handicap will be calculated automatically). If there's an error, then the ratings for your golf course probably need an update. Please get in touch with us at If you're new to golf and don't have a handicap, we recommend adding "33" since it's a general handicap number.

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6. If you're a Premium member, you can turn the Handicap Round toggle ON for your round to be considered for handicap!

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7. On Scoring Modes, choose if you want to play 'Stableford' or 'Stroke Play'.

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8. Download the map and make sure all the details are correct. Tap 'Start Round' when you're done.

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