Net vs Gross Scoring

The net score is determined by subtracting the player's handicap from the gross score (number of strokes actually taken). In other words, net score is a player's gross score (the actual number of strokes played) minus the strokes his or her course handicap allows to be deducted during the course of the round.


Net score purpose: to even the playing field, allowing golfers of different levels to compete against each other on equal footing.


A golfer who typically scores 110 will never beat a golfer who typically scores 75 in gross score and will only rarely win a hole off the better player.


You can see your score within the App as Stroke Play or Stableford.

- Stroke Play - A scoring system that involves counting the total number of strokes taken on each hole during a given round or series of rounds. The winner is the player who has taken the fewest number of strokes over the course of the round(s).


- Stableford - Rather than counting the total number of strokes taken, as in Stroke Play, it involves scoring points based on the number of strokes taken at each hole. The winner is the player that has the highest score.

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