Auto-Change Hole

You don't need to change the hole on your phone or smartwatch. All you have to do is walk to the next tee. The Hole19 App will 'arrive' when you do!


- Start a Round on your phone, and on the hole map view, tap the 'Settings' cogwheel icon at the right of the screen to toggle ON the feature. (Toggle it off to manually change holes.)


- If you're using a smartwatch, the holes on your watch will change in sync with the changes on your phone, acting as a mirror.


Independent Auto-Change Hole on your Apple Watch:

If you own an Apple Watch, you can now directly use Auto-Change Hole without needing your iPhone to act as a mirror.

- Starting a round on your iPhone will automatically launch the app on your Apple Watch. Swipe left on the watch twice and access your 'Settings' screen by tapping on the cogwheel. Toggle Auto-Change Hole ON to enable it and let the watch do the work for you!



- The independent Auto-Change Hole feature for the watch is still unavailable for WearOS smartwatches.
- If the Auto-Change Hole feature is turned 'ON' through the phone, your smartwatch will use the Phone's GPS. If it is turned 'ON' via your watch, it will use the Watch's GPS.

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