Differential Score

Differential Score:
  • Stroke Play - shows you the difference between your score and the course’s Par.
  • Stableford - shows the points you receive on each hole depending on your handicap.

In 'Scoring' mode, you have the option to show or hide Differential Scores.
- On the 'Hole Map' screen, tap the '
Settings' icon on the right.
- Toggle the 'Differential Score' switch On or Off.

To view your Differential Score, close the 'Settings' screen by tapping 'X' and swipe left on the hole map. The Differential Score will appear at the top-left of the scoring screen in blue.


You can see your Differential Score on your Apple Watch on the top-right of the scoring screen.


Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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