Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19

Leave your smartphone at home and focus on your game ⛳️

Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19 is compatible with all smartwatches running WearOS 2.0 or above with an embedded GPS.

It’ll cost a one-off payment of $4.99 (USD) to download Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19. Please click here for further details about payment methods on Google Play Store.


Signing in to your Account

When you open Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19, you will have two options:

  1. Sign-In with the smartphone
    Sign-In is not mandatory but will give you access to flyover maps and score tracking features. After tapping the Sign-In button, the Smartwatch will prompt you to sign in to your Hole19 account via the phone. This way, once you finish your round, you will be able to review your scores and stats on your mobile device or online.

  2. Skip Sign-In
    Simply tap the Skip Sign-In button but please note that this choice will prevent you from using the flyover maps and score tracking.


Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19 will keep you logged in, but you can log out at any time. To log out, swipe down from the home screen then swipe right to Account, where you will have the option to log out.


Selecting a golf course

In order to use the app without a smartphone, you will need to previously download courses onto your Smartwatch using Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. We recommend you do so by pairing the Smartwatch with your mobile device via Bluetooth.

The app will show you the 50 golf courses closest to your current GPS position. Having the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch app open on your smartphone while downloading the golf courses will also help with this procedure, especially if you own an iPhone. The app will store up to 10 different courses on your Smartwatch. 


Once a course is downloaded onto your Smartwatch, you will not need an internet connection to use on the golf course. It is highly recommended to store your most played courses on your Smartwatch before going out to play. 


Score Tracking

Scoring mode

You have the option to use your Smartwatch as a GPS device only, or alternatively, to track your key scores & stats alongside the GPS option.

Game mode

The option to select Stroke Play or Stableford is also available. 



Please note that a Hole19 account via the smartphone app is required for score & stat tracking. 



Course Maps / Flyover

This feature allows you to preview the hole’s layout, know where you are, and find yardages to any hazard on a given hole by simply tapping on your wearable map. 

Launch the hole layout

When playing a round, expand the bottom menu and tap on Flyover, this will launch the hole layout.

Closing the menu

To return to the distance view and score input, swipe right to go back and close the menu.




Save or Delete a Round

At the end of your round, you can choose to save the round or discard it. To save the round please make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

Once the round is saved, it will sync to your Hole19 account.



Automatic Hole Change

With this feature activated, the app will detect whenever you are moving towards the next hole and will automatically switch you to that hole. 

You can toggle this ‘On’ or ‘Off’ from the Settings Menu during the round.



It’s not possible to pair the Standalone Golf GPS by Hole19 with Google Fit.

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