Stop Seeing Advertisement

Hole19 strives to bring you the most relevant content. However, your privacy means a lot to us, and with that in mind, we've developed a way for you to decide what kind of content you want to see:

  1. "Specially Curated Ads" - Some personal information is shared to provide meaningful content;
  2. "Generic Ads" - No personal information is shared, and more generic content is offered.'

PRO golfers can also select the 'Don't Want to See Ads' option. This allows you to opt-out from all the ads.

To set your preferences tap the 'Me' tab on the bottom bar and then the 'Settings' icon on the top-right. Tap Ad Preferences, select your preferences, or switch the toggle ON to remove ads completely.


Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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