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Gain deeper insights into your game and compete effectively with golfers of all skill levels by calculating and obtaining a more precise handicap.

Add your Scores and/or check your saved rounds

To quickly determine your Handicap using the Hole19 app, follow these steps:

  • Open your Hole19 App and tap the ‘Performance’ at the bottom bar;
  • Tap 'Calculate Handicap,' then 'Get Started,' and finally 'Add Round'.
  • You have two options:
      • Add Score: Fill in all the round details (Round Date, Course, Starting Tee). After doing this, the app will fill in the course rating automatically. Please make sure it is correct, if it’s not, send us a message at mapping@hole19golf.com, and we’ll do our best to help! Finally, please make sure to add the Adjusted Gross Score and remember that the score must be for an 18-hole round. Once you complete this last step, a Score Differential (SD) is given so that you can ‘Add Score’.

      • From existing rounds: Select up to 20 rounds from your history (toggle ON or OFF the rounds). Tap 'Save Rounds' to proceed.

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Please note that:

- When you manually add a round, the score will be added to the 'calculate' screen if it is one of the latest 20 handicap rounds. If the added score is in the 20 most recent handicap rounds, then the oldest round is dropped from the rounds list on the 'calculate' screen, and the added score will be counted in the Handicap when you tap ‘Calculate’.

- All added scores will be shown in the rounds list from the Performance section and in the From existing rounds list in the calculator. 

- Added scores are not editable and will not have a round summary page.

- The more rounds you add (up to 20), the more accurate your Handicap will be.



When you’re ready, tap 'Calculate', and there you go!
Your Pro Handicap is ready. You can tap ‘Update Profile’ so that your Handicap is automatically reflected under your profile, or you can tap the arrow in the top-left corner to go back.

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Please note that:

- The PRO handicap you'll receive in the calculator will not be the same as the official World System or any other handicap systems.

- When 9-hole rounds have a different SD on Hole19, it is because we calculate an SD for a single 9-hole round. The World System rules state that two 9-hole rounds should be combined to have an SD for an 18-hole round.


If you still have questions, please keep reading, otherwise... Happy Golfing!


- Tiers of rounds that are averaged together to get the Pro Handicap:


How many rounds do you need to add to receive a Pro Handicap?

We require only one eligible round.


When adding my scores ‘From existing Rounds’, why are some rounds highlighted and others not? 

Only rounds that are eligible for handicap purposes will be shown in that list.

  • Match Play rounds will not be included
  • GPS only rounds will not be included 
  • Incomplete rounds will not be included


What is the Adjusted Gross Total Score?

Adjusted Gross Score is determined by the maximum number of strokes you can post on a hole based on your Course Handicap. The maximum limit on each hole will be Net Double Bogey, calculated like this: 

  • Par + 2 + Handicap Strokes Received
    For example, if you have a Course Handicap of 7, and you score an 8 on a Par 4 that’s the 7th hardest hole on the course, the score for that hole would be adjusted down to a net double bogey of 7. 4 + 2 + 1 = 7
  • Net Double Bogey: Double Bogey plus any handicap strokes we would have on a given hole
  • Net Double Bogey: Net Par + 2



Course Handicap Indicates the number of handicap strokes you receive based on the Slope Rating and an adjustment for Course Rating minus Par for the selected tees. 

Playing Handicap It is the actual number of strokes you receive or give during a round and is the number used for the purposes of the game or competition.


- This feature is available with Premium PRO.

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