Hole19-LIVE: Live leaderboards within the Hole19 app

Create a Live Leaderboard

  • Go to the 'Me' tab (Profile on Android devices) and tap 'Leaderboards';
  • Tap the 'Create New' blue button;
  • Add a name, select a course and pick one of the scoring modes available;
  • Tap 'Create Leaderboard' to finish the process.


You can also do it right before your round

  • Choose your golf course and tap 'Play golf' to open the 'Round Setup';
  • Tap '+' and add up to 3 players (from buddies or create a player);
  • Turn On the 'Live Leaderboard' toggle;
  • Tap 'Start Round'.


Name Your Leaderboard and Invite your friends

  • After starting your round the app will request you to name your Leaderboard:
  • Choose a name and press 'Save';
    • If you have added all your friends to the round you can tap 'Close';
    • If you wish to add more golfers to the round (or if your friends would also like to invite other players), tap 'Invite' to share the Leaderboard link.


Keep Scores

  • If you have added your friends manually: you will need to add their scores after each hole;
  • If your friends have joined via link their scores will appear automatically.


Check the leaderboard during the round

  • Use the 'Trophy icon' (right) on the flyover screen to see everyone's scores in real-time;
  • Once you are on the Leaderboard screen, you can tap 'Stableford Net' (top-left) to see scores by Stroke Play Gross, Stroke Play Net, Stableford Gross or keep seeing by Stableford Net.

Note: On the same screen, you can tap the '3 dots' icon (top-right) to 'Rename' the leaderboard or to 'Share the Link'. Anyone with the link can follow the leaderboard progress in real time on any device.


Join a Leaderboard

  • Click the invite link and then tap '+ Join' (green button);
  • After that, you will see the button 'Joined' and you 'Share' the leaderboard or 'Invite' other golfers to participate.

Note: On the day of the match, start a round just like you usually do. Please make sure to select the correct tee box and that your handicap is updated - these two factors will affect leaderboard calculations.


Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 22.10.57.png


Delete a Leaderboard

  • Go to the 'Me' tab (Profile on Android devices) and tap 'Leaderboards';
  • Select the Leaderboard you wish to delete;
  • Tap 'Delete' and confirm your decision by tapping 'Delete Leaderboard'.




- Whether you're inviting friends to join or you've been invited, all participants need to have a Hole19 account.

- If you choose "Match Play", you can't use "Live Leaderboards".

- Each player can add up to 3 players. You can share the link with your friends if you are more than four.

- It's necessary to have a good internet connection to see the 'Trophy' icon.

- The 'Rename' Leaderboard option is not yet available on Android devices.

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