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Premium offers you the ability to filter your statistics. With this, you can enhance the understanding of your golf rounds and performance level over different periods of time and on different golf courses, making it perfect for course management and season comparison.

Go to the 'Performance' tab to fund 'Filters'. There, you can select 'Season', 'Game Mode', 'All Rounds', and/or 'All Courses'.

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Activate one or more filters to generate custom combinations for analyzing your data. For instance, choose the season, start and end dates, and select a specific golf course from your history. This allows you to view your statistics and rounds filtered by date, golf course, or both.

Additionally, you can refine your data analysis by selecting from various Game Modes such as General Play, Singles, Four-Ball, and Foursomes.

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This feature can be incredibly useful as it allows you to:

  1. Compare your performance over seasons: You can use the data provided to analyze your on-course performance and compare it with your past results to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you make better decisions about what to focus on so you can improve faster during the current season.

  2. Review Your Golf Equipment: You can use the 'Club Statistics' feature to filter your equipment by date. This will help you determine if your clubs are holding you back or if they're the perfect ones for you or to see the difference between your old and new clubs. 

  3. Skill level by golf course: You can discover the golf courses where you excel and those where you need further improvement. This will help you challenge yourself on more difficult golf courses and improve your game.

  4. Shape your practice plan: You can set your target performance level and analyze the data of your practice rounds to see if you're getting better.


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