Hole19 now includes a range of new multiplayer game modes that allow you to bring your friends into your golfing experience. This guide will walk you through the steps to use this feature 🏌️‍♂️


1. To begin, choose a golf course and start a round - once you are at the Round Setup, turn ON the "Play with friends" toggle and add up to 3 friends. 


2. You can search for other Hole19 users or create a Player from scratch.
You can edit each player starting tee and handicap, as you'd usually do for yourself on a normal round, by tapping on their avatar and inserting the details from there. 

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3. Choose the preferred Game Mode: 

General Play refers to the typical way of playing the game since each player competes against the others by counting the total number of strokes it takes to complete the entire round of golf. 

Singles, Four-Ball and Foursomes are formats of Match Play (tap here for more details).

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4. Decide between 'Net' or 'Gross'

  • Gross Score: The total number of strokes taken by a golfer without considering their handicap.
  • Net Score: The total score adjusted for handicap. The net score of each hole is linked to Stableford points based on performance relative to the set score for that hole.

To use Net Scoring, and consider the difference between handicaps, please turn the toggle 'On'. 

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4. When using "General Play" Mode you can: 

- Toggle ON for 'Handicap Round' if you want this game to count for your handicap.
- Add more players using 'Live Leaderboard' (tap here for more info).
- Choose the 'Scoring Mode' between Stableford or Strokeplay (tap here for more info).

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5. Scorecard

Track teams' scores in real-time. Tap the bottom bar and then 'Scorecard'.

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6. Buddy: Add round to your profile 

- After completing and saving the round, your buddy will receive an email prompting them to 'Add this round to your profile,' allowing all of you to track scores on your performance tab.

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- Learn more about Match Play here.
- If you have any questions please reach us at

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