Delete synced golf courses

When you download a map, the course is automatically saved on your 'Synced Courses'. This allows you to play offline.

To delete a saved course:

  • From the 'Play Golf' tab, tap the 'Flag' icon on the top-right to open the 'Synced Courses' list;
  • Tap 'Edit' on the top right, tick the course box and tap the 'Delete' button on the bottom of the page;
  • A message will pop up so you can confirm your decision. Tap 'Cancel' or 'Delete' and you are done!

GIFS_HC_original (1).gif

- Your course was updated, but you are still seeing incorrect information? It might indicate that the new course version hasn't yet been installed on your device. In that case, we suggest you delete the course and then download it again. This should ensure you have the latest version and accurate information. 

- Courses can be downloaded again whenever you wish. Just make sure you are connected to WIFI or using Mobile Data.

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