Match Play Handicap

Do you have any doubts about Match Play Scores? Don't know how your handicap will impact the round? No problem! The Hole19 app will calculate everything for you.

First, you can see how to start your Match Play round here. Once you know how to do it, make sure your friends' handicaps and starting tees are correct before start playing. Tap on each profile picture to open the options and confirm that everything is correct!


On the left image above, at the bottom of the screen, you can see the option 'Net Scoring', but what is the difference between Net and Gross scores?

Net Scores - toggle 'On'

Your 'Match Play Handicap' (M.HCP) will be the difference between your Playing Handicap and the one from the player with the lowest value.

For instance:

  • Player A Phcp = 13
  • Player B Phcp = 2
  • Player C Phcp = 19
  • Player D Phcp = 21

Match Play Handicap:

  • Player B has the lowest Playing Handicap, so his Match Play Handicap will translate into 2 (his Phcp) - 2 (the lowest Phcp in the group) = 0 > No extra strokes for this player! 🤭
  • Player A M.HCP = 13 - 2 = 11 > 11 extra strokes!
  • Player C M.HCP = 19 - 2 = 17 > 17 extra strokes!
  • Player D M.HCP = 21 - 2 = 19 > 19 extra strokes!

These extra strokes are allocated to the most difficult holes in order of difficulty, starting from the stroke index 1.

Gross Scores - toggle 'Off'

The handicap is not considered, so no one will benefit from extra strokes (adjustments).

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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