GPS Accuracy

Some of the most frequently asked questions are related to GPS: "Why are my distances wrong for 5-10 yards?"; "My distances are not updating as I walk down the fairway. Why?"; "My distances are taking too long to update. Can I do something?"

You can use the 'GPS Accuracy' information present on the flyover view during your golf round to understand what is happening. Please take a look at the video below!


Around your position, there's an accuracy radius, and at the top, near your distances, there's also an icon that will show your GPS status at a glance. If you open the distances tray, there's a banner that will offer you some more insights on how the GPS is behaving at that moment.

This information is color-coded:

  • 🟢  Green for Good;
  • 🟡  Yellow for Fair;
  • 🔴  Red for Bad.

When your GPS Status is Fair or Bad, there's an animated icon so that it becomes more noticeable.

All statuses have an explanation of why the GPS may be having some issues and some possible fixes.

The icon and the radius change their colors as the GPS change its status. When there's no GPS, the icon appears GREYED OUT ⚪️  and no radius is shown. Hole19 will also provide some possible reasons for why that's happening.


The GPS Accuracy icon is also visible on your watch:



  • if your distances aren't updating as you walk down the fairway This is likely because you have GPS Mode turned' Off'. To turn GPS Mode 'On', start a round and on the Round Setup turn the GPS Mode toggle 'On'.

Screenshot 2023-09-04 at 17.33.47.png

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