How to use Hole19 with your Apple Watch and make the most out of your Premium subscription?

Before starting:

  • Hole19 for Apple Watch requires at least watchOS 8, and it's optimized for Apple Watch Series 5 and above.
  • Make sure that your devices have a solid Bluetooth connection. Click here for help with the connection of your devices.
  • On your iPhone, please update your Hole19 App to the latest version. To do this, go to the App Store, search for Hole19, and Update. When you update the app on your iPhone, it should automatically update on your Apple Watch, but if it doesn't, please open the dedicated App Store from your Apple Watch and install Hole19 from there as well.


How to start a round and use the Apple Watch?

It's important to note that to start and save a golf round, the presence of your iPhone is essential. During the round, if you choose to use Watch GPS instead of Phone GPS, you can forget the phone and focus on your game.


On your iPhone: 

  1. Open the Hole19 App and choose the golf course where you want to play your round. Tap the blue 'Start Round' button to open the 'Round Setup'.

  2. Select the input mode as 'SCORING'.
    Note: Starting the round in Shot by Shot mode won't let you add scores from your Watch. To track shots on your Apple Watch, use the Shot TrackerIf you only want distances on your Watch, please start your round with GPS Only input mode.

  3. Set up your round by choosing the 'Starting Tee', filling in the Handicap information, and selecting the 'Scoring mode'.

  4. Do you want this round to be considered for handicap purposes? If so, please turn the Handicap Round toggle ON (ON = blue). For further details on the handicap calculator, see this article.

  5. You can also add playing partners to your round by turning the 'Play With Friends' toggle ON, as you can see here. You'll be able to add your partners' scores on your Apple Watch as well.

  6. There you go. Now, you can tap on the blue 'Start Round' button at the bottom of the screen. 




Once your round starts and the hole layout appears on your iPhone, choose the features you'd like to use.


1. Auto-Change Hole, Club Recommendation, Differential Score

On your iPhone, tap the 'Settings' cogwheel and make sure to toggle ON/OFF the features according to your preferences. Enable Auto-Change Hole to have the hole advance automatically as you reach the next tee. Turn on Club Recommendation for personalized club suggestions on both your iPhone and Apple Watch. Activate Show Differential Score to view this valuable information on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.



2. Watch GPS

When you tap 'Start Round' on the iPhone, Hole19 will automatically open on your Watch.

To use the Watch GPS, you should swipe left twice until the scorecard watch screen, tap the cogwheel to open Settings and turn the watch GPS.


Copy of Apple Watch Mockups.gif

By enabling Watch GPS, you can directly activate Auto-Change Hole on your Apple Watch. As a result, the hole will dynamically change based on your Watch's GPS position, providing a more seamless and convenient experience compared to relying on your iPhone's GPS.

Copy of Apple Watch Mockups.gif



After choosing the GPS source and enabling all features you'd like to use during your round, Hole19 will show you the screen with distances to the front, centre, and back of the green. Swipe left to go to the scoring screen.

Tap + to add the total Strokes and then add how many of them were Putts, Sand Shots, and Penalties. Don't forget to select the proper Fairway icon on each hole:

  • Arrow pointing downward - indicates you missed the fairway Short or Other (such as a bunker in the middle of the fairway);

  • Left arrow -  means you missed left;

  • Right arrow - means you missed right;

  • Circle - means 'Fairway Hit'.




  • You can quickly change the hole by swiping up and down on the distances' screen.

  • You can also get to the next hole by filling in all the data and stats from your current hole, and at the bottom of the screen, you'll see the 'Next Hole' button to proceed.


  • Additionally, on the 'Scorecard' section of your Watch, you have the option to choose a specific hole by simply tapping on the hole you'd like to view.


  • In case you've activated the Auto-Change Hole on your iPhone or Watch, the hole will automatically change as soon as you reach the next Starting Tee. If you're using the GPS from your iPhone, please note that this feature will only work properly if your iPhone is in your pocket.



When on the distances screen of your Apple Watch, tap the 'Shot Tracker' icon in the bottom left. For a full tutorial on how to use the Shot Tracker, click here.





When on the distances screen of your Apple Watch, tap the 'Map' icon located in the bottom right corner. This action will grant you access to maps directly on your Apple Watch, providing a convenient way to view course layouts.




1. You can select 'Finish Round' on the last hole at the bottom of the scoring screen when entering your stats and then select 'Close App'.


2. You can scroll down on your 'Scorecard' screen, and underneath the last hole, you'll also find the option to finish your round and close the app.


Finishing the round and closing the app on your Apple Watch will send your scores and stats to the iPhone. Finally, on your iPhone, compose your round post and tap 'SAVE ROUND'





- Some considerations regarding Watch GPS and battery consumption: Using the GPS from your Apple Watch heavily decreases the lifetime of your Watch's battery. From a full charge, you can expect an 18-hole round of golf to consume about 60% to 70% of the Apple Watch's battery.

Closing (and not using) other Watch applications help minimize battery consumption during your round. Click here for further tips on how to maximize battery life.

- Health information: If you want Hole19 to show your Health Information, such as Steps, Distance Walked, and Calories Burned, please click here and confirm that you've given all the necessary permissions. To keep track of your Health Information, you should use the iPhone in your pocket during the round.

If you've given all permissions and the Hole19 app still doesn't track steps or other information, please head to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and make sure that Fitness Tracking is turned on.​ Take a look at this article and see if everything is according to Apple's recommendations.

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