Club Statistics - Know how far you hit your shots with each club

Club Statistics will give you insight into all the clubs in your bag, allowing you to see the performance for each one. When looking at your statistics for a particular club, you'll see 3 values: 

  • Club Accuracy
  • Average Club Distance
  • Maximum Club Distance

You should use the first two to categorize your regular shot with a particular club, adjust your club distance on the My Bag section and make better decisions on the golf course. The more shots you track, the more accurate your club statistics will be.

To see your Club Statistics, go to the 'Performance' tab and scroll until the end of the screen. Tap 'View All' to see data from all clubs and to filter data by 'Season', 'Rounds date' and/or 'Course'.

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Track all your shots!

Having accurate club statistics should not get in the way of tracking your round in full detail. So, we want you to track every shot, and let us make sure that any irregular shot or bad day doesn't negatively impact your stats.


- If you regularly use a 7-iron to chip your ball from just outside the green, we won't bring down your average club distance or increase your club accuracy.


We follow a very simple rule: any shot that's extremely short (or long) for it to be a full swing with a given club is excluded from the club statistics calculations. The obvious exception is the maximum club distance, where we make sure you get bragging rights for your best shots ever.

Average Club Distance

After the initial filtering of irregular shots (read above), we look at all your shots to find a pattern that tells us what your usual shot looks like.

This means your club distance is not a pure mathematical average but more the average distance of your "most common shot". This crucial step allows you to have a distance you can trust, even if you just went through a series of bad shots on an especially unfair course.


Club Accuracy

A shot is considered accurate if it lands on the fairway, green, or in the hole. This excludes any missed shots, shots that end in a sand bunker, or penalties.

When using the Shot-by-Shot mode, all regular shots are considered for Club Accuracy. On the other hand, when using the Shot Tracker to track individual shots on a Scoring or GPS Only mode round, only shots saved with a Lie are considered for this statistic.



- Club Statistics are available with Premium PRO.

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